You must have heard of them, but have you ever wondered why Chihuahuas are the worst? We have 21 reasons to support the idea that these small dogs are one of the worst in the doggo world.

How come there are so many reasons, and yet they are still such popular pets all around the world? Everyone knows at least one person who has a Chihuahua.

Well, the truth is that dog owners don’t want to see the other side of their pooches. They see them as perfect little doggies, and that’s what they tell everyone.

But, the real truth is a bit different.

We will go through 21 reasons why Chihuahuas are the worst. From their behavioral issues to health issues – we’ve got them all in one place.

If you still decide to get a Chi after reading all of these reasons, then you truly deserve a Chihuahua (or a Chihuahua deserves you), and we wish you the best!

First, let’s talk about the reasons…

Why Chihuahuas Are The Worst
The title might sound a bit too harsh. After all… dogs are man’s best friends, and there is no doubt about that. Some even say they are better than cats! We won’t comment on that… we love all animals equally.

However, we do have to see both sides of owning a Chihuahua. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… That’s why we have to talk about why Chihuahuas are the worst, and why people think that.

We can tell you there are 21 reasons behind this opinion that most people agree with. Some are easy to handle, and some are going to make you truly question your decision to bring a Chihuahua into your home.

Let’s dive into why Chi dogs are simply not that great.

1. Stubborn

Have you ever tried telling a Chihuahua to do something when they are just not in the mood? They won’t do it no matter what you try to do or offer them. It is quite frustrating, to be honest. Dogs are supposed to be our best friends and do what we ask of them.

But, Chihuahuas are notoriously stubborn. They just don’t want to listen.

So, if you are looking for a dog that is going to listen to you, the Chihuahua is not the one.

2. Barking
Another reason why Chihuahuas are the worst is their constant barking. They don’t have a deep and loud bark like Bernese Mountain dogs, but they love to do it. If you are used to silence or you live in an apartment building – there are other dog breeds you can choose. For example, a Basenji, a French Bulldog, etc.

There are ways to train your dog not to bark so much and anti-barking devices you can use, but when it comes to Chis and their stubbornness, the training won’t go as well as you might think.

So, once again… if you are getting a Chihuahua puppy, prepare yourself for barking.

3. They Are Not Good With Children

If you want a sweet and affectionate family dog that won’t have problems with the youngest members of your family – don’t get a Chihuahua.

There are more reasons for this. One of the reasons is the fact that they are not the most patient dogs. Also, they are small dogs that can easily get hurt.

Very young children still don’t know how to gently play or cuddle with pets. Chihuahuas are not sturdy dogs that can easily handle tail or ear pulling from children.

And, Chihuahuas can act aggressively towards children if they feel threatened, bored, or if they feel any kind of discomfort, let alone pain.

4. They Are Not Good With Other Dogs
Another fact about these tiny dogs is that they are not good with other dogs. They might look like loving dogs that will go great with other pets; however… they are not the best roommates. Don’t mistake the fact that they are little dogs for lack of spunk.

Chihuahua owners will tell you “my Chihuahua is the bravest little yappy dog.” And, they are not wrong. Well, bravery comes from the fact that they have to warn everyone they are small, but feisty. You will find yourself watching your German Shepherd walk away from a fight with a Chihuahua.

Why? Because German Shepherds are good dogs, and they don’t want to cause a fight if it’s not necessary.

5. They Are Not Open To Strangers

Just as Chihuahuas are not good with other dogs and children, they are not good with strangers either. There is reservedness in Chihuahuas that makes them a bit hostile. If you want to show your little guy to your friends, be aware that your dog might not react to your friends the way you want.

That’s why Chihuahuas are the worst. You can’t even show them to your friends without them writing bad things about Chis on Tumblr.

They will yap and show their teeth, leaving your friends with a nervous grin. No one wants to pet a barking dog. Some people compare their reservedness with Yorkies or other small-breed Terrier dogs. They are not famous for their openness either.

6. Don’t Touch Me!
If you have a Chihuahua, you will quickly learn that they don’t want to be petted and carried around if they won’t let you do it first.

This also comes from their stubborn nature. However, all is not lost. If you truly want a Chihuahua dog, you have to understand they need proper socialization. This is a normal process for any type of dog breed, but it is a must for dog breeds, such as Chis.

There is a reason why they were upvoted as dogs that need the socialization process the most. Let’s not make a mistake and make our Chihuahuas even harder to handle.

7. I Demand Attention

Now, this is an interesting one. They don’t want you to touch them whenever you want, but they do want immediate attention when they ask for it.

So, if you think you will be able to say no to your Chihuahua and just continue with your day — you are wrong. If a Chihuahua wants to cuddle or play, you will have to do it right then and there.

No excuses or else your angel-looking Chi will turn into a devil soon…

8. Territorial
This trait can be considered a positive one depending on how you look at it. If you need a watchdog that will bark a lot and act territorial, but you don’t want a big guard dog — Chihuahuas will be amazing at it.

They won’t be able to protect you, but they will warn you if something or someone wants to enter your property. They can either be teacup Chihuahuas or a Chihuahua mix, but they will still want to warn you about strangers or strange things happening around your home.

9. Very Active

Chihuahuas are not lazy dogs. They love to be active, and they need it, too. One of the reasons why Chihuahuas become so aggressive or demanding is because they don’t have enough daily exercise.

Of course, they are not as active as Border Collies, but they need their daily activities. You don’t have to walk for hours with Chis — just give them up to 30 minutes of exercise several times a day.

That sounds like a lot for such a small dog. But, it is another reason why Chihuahuas are the worst.

10. Hard To Train
Yes, as you’ve guessed it — Chis are not easy to train. After all the talk about their stubbornness, it is easy to understand why it is hard to train them.

Chihuahuas are not stupid at all. These dogs are quite intelligent. However, their intelligence combined with their stubbornness makes them quite difficult to train.

The important thing is to show dominance to your dog, and make it realize who the alpha is. Otherwise, you can have a lot of problems with the so-called small dog syndrome.

11. Very Playful

Why are Chihuahuas the worst? Because they want to play all the time. Even when you finish your daily exercise with your Chi, they will still demand some playtime. That can be very exhausting, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time because of your work schedule.

The best option is to give your dog some interactive toys he can play with while you are busy or not at home. This will help with their destructiveness as well because a bored dog quickly turns into a destructive dog.

12. Aggressive
Some Chihuahuas are not only aggressive and reserved to strangers, but to their owner as well. It’s not the same amount of aggressiveness, but it can be stressful.

An aggressive Chihuahua will bark, growl, or bare its teeth toward anyone. They can also lunge or bite, which can be a serious problem if you have small children.

There are ways to socialize an aggressive dog. However, the process is slow, and it requires lots of patience.

13. Picky

Chihuahuas are picky eaters. They are not your usual I-will-eat-everything kind of dog. True, they don’t need a lot of food, but the type they do want to eat is not easy to find.

Sometimes, they change their taste over time. Simply put… they get bored of food, and they want a new taste. Also, they are prone to obesity, even though they are small. So, if you get your Chihuahua used to treats, you will have to do your best to stop this bad habit.

14. Fragile
Being so small and tiny has its perks, but it also means that Chihuahuas are quite fragile. You can’t play with them as if they are big dogs, even though they act like one.

This fragility is more of a problem in kennels that have dog breeds of different sizes playing together. You have to pay attention to your dogs, and prevent any injuries that can easily happen.

Being fragile is another reason why you have to teach your children how to play with such a small dog. Children can unintentionally injure Chihuahuas.

15. Always Cold?

No, they are not always cold, but they can shake quite a lot. It seems as if they are cold, but that comes from their fragility and tiny legs. However, in winter, they will definitely need some puppy clothes.

Putting a doggy coat on your dog is a must during rain as well. They will need their small dog shoes, too. In general, they are small dogs, they have thin, short fur, and they don’t have a lot of fat tissue to keep them warm.

That’s why you have to keep them warm by putting on some cute dog shoes and a coat.

16. Are They Pretty?
This sounds harsh, but are Chihuahuas actually pretty dogs? They are not as elegant as Afghan Hounds or as unique as Dalmatian dogs, nor do they have striking blue eyes like Siberian Huskies.

So, can we say they are not among the prettiest dogs in the world? There are 6 types of Chihuahuas, and you can check out their photos here: Types of Chihuahuas.

You be the judge of their beauty. For some, they are the most adorable dogs in the world…

17. They Are Mean

There is something about small dogs and their attitude. Some people would say they are mean. Whether that is true or not is debatable, but there are a lot of cases where people tell stories about mean Chihuahuas.

Compared to some other dog breeds, they do fit in the mean dog group. They don’t like to cuddle a lot, they do yap, they do growl at strangers, and they are not the best pals with other dogs.

So, is one of the reasons why Chihuahuas are the worst – meanness?

All dogs are unique, and not a lot of people say Great Danes are mean, but Chihuahuas…

18. Pea-sized Bladder
This reason might seem ridiculous. Why should we mention anatomy as one of the reasons why we think Chihuahuas are the worst? Well, because it really can get in the way of our everyday life if we have to take our dogs outside every few hours.

And, if we don’t do it — we have some other issues to worry about (and clean).

So, it is very important to potty train your Chi. But, then again, they are not the best dogs to train. Now, you see why having a small bladder can be put on the list of the worst things about owning a specific dog breed.

19. Overprotective

If you have a Chihuahua that is aggressive, stubborn, and not open to strangers and other dogs, but is also very loyal to its owner — then you have an overprotective Chihuahua.

This might seem cute at first. But, over time, it becomes annoying, and it prevents you from having people around unless you put your dog somewhere else… far away from you.

An overprotective dog needs to be properly socialized and trained. It is not a cute thing or perfect material for your new reel.

20. The Center Of Attention
Think of Chihuahuas as children that constantly need to be at the center of attention. Whatever you do, they need to be in front of you, and you need to acknowledge them.

If you have more than one dog — it can be challenging to give the same amount of attention to both of them.

Once again, socialization plays the key in raising your pup properly, but some traits can’t be that easily corrected.

21. Health Problems

And, finally… Chihuahuas can have a lot of health problems, which means you will make a lot of trips to your local veterinarian.

Their small size, fragility, and sensitivity to cold weather put them at a higher risk of having various health issues than most other dog breeds.

Having a Chi means being prepared for them having all kinds of health problems, from skin and ear issues to some more serious ones.

The Conclusion
As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why Chihuahuas are the worst. Twenty-one, to be exact. They are needy, fragile, aggressive, moody… they can have a lot of health problems, etc.

However, we only talked about the bad things. There are many good traits Chihuahua dogs possess. We are certain of it; otherwise, they wouldn’t be so popular.

These reasons are here for you to make you double-think whether you truly want a Chihuahua and if you can properly take care of it.

It’s a high-maintenance dog, and it will need an owner who has experience and time. They won’t take anything less, but they do deserve it.

They are the (in)famous Chihuahuas, after all…