This pit bull was rescued from the streets by a kind man. The dog starts grinning nonstop after that.

The best pets are dogs. The whole family enjoys them. But not all of the breeds enjoyed a good reputation. Also included in that list are pit bulls. Because pit bulls are so large, some people who are not familiar with dog breeding believe that they are the most dangerous breed of dog.
Fewer individuals can, however, see this dog’s sensitive side.

This stray pit bull is all smiles when he realizes he is about to have a loving human companion and a permanent home.

When Demo, Jon’s puppy, was about eleven months old and stumbling through the streets, they encountered a stray dog. And he was forever changed by that encounter. When Jon realized that the pit bull was homeless, he made the decision to stick with his infectious smile.

After 12 years, Brinks is still near the person who saved him, and he never stops grinning. He smiles whenever he appears to be content in general.