They broke up at the age of 5, but many years later they met again 

If fate decides to bring two people together, nothing can stop them. The story of Natalie and Austin proves it once again.

Young people first met in kindergarten at the age of three. They also happen to be neighbors.

Their parents bought a house at the same time and moved to the same neighborhood. Since then, they became inseparable friends.

They spent all their time together. Austin has a red car that he likes to drive Natalie.

He helps the girl in everything and fulfills her every request.

Even when they go to school, they choose a table there and sit next to each other. However, when the children finished their first year, Natalie had to leave. Her parents moved to another city.

The girl constantly thinks about Austin and looks for his contacts, but cannot find him.

Twelve years have passed, and one day Natalie finds Austin’s name and phone number in her mother’s old notebook.

The girl began to look for him on social networks and found him. She found a guy and texted him. What is his joy and surprise. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her all these years, too.

Young people began to communicate, and then decided to meet. Austin and Natalie met at a coffee shop. recall their childhood and decide never to be apart again. After school, the young people go to school, but do not stop dating and continue to meet each other even at a distance.

After graduation, he proposed and the girl happily agreed to marry him.

They had a beautiful wedding, and for the photo, they chose a red car that Austin drove Natalie as a child. This is a beautiful story with a happy ending that shows us how strong emotions can be. True love does not pass time, it turns into a strong and reliable relationship. We wish the young people many years of happy family life.