The pensioner claimed that more than 6 years had passed since she last saw her son.

I asked my neighbor, “How long has it been since your son stopped talking to you?” And at that instant, my heart sank treacherously.

I haven’t seen him in six years.
He initially called me occasionally after leaving with his wife, but after that he stopped talking to me.
When I once went to see her and brought her a cake for her birthday, she looked down and started crying.

then what?

My entry into their home was not permitted, the daughter-in-law’s opening statement as she let me in.
Then, when I spoke to him, my son just looked at me as if I were in charge of something before turning his head away.
I then left and headed in the direction of my gaze.
I was able to say I had last seen him at that point.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, why didn’t he call you after that.

In order to sell my three-ruble note and replace it with a smaller one, I once called him.
It’s obvious that I gave him some of my son’s money.
After taking the money and signing the paperwork, he left, and I didn’t call him back.

I questioned the elderly woman, “Are you very lonely or have you ever accepted loneliness.”.

I once found myself alone with my son in my arms when I was very young because my husband had left for another woman.
I was the sole caregiver for my son.
My son experienced a loving and caring upbringing. Then he declared that he wanted to rent a home for himself.
At first, I thought my son had matured and begun to consider his own corner because I liked the way it looked.

But it was something entirely different, or more specifically his girlfriend.
She was the one who insisted they rent their own place to stay so that no one would impede their enjoyment.
Then she became pregnant.

Aren’t you offended that your son abandoned you in your old age?
I was surprised by her question, “Do you say all this so easily?”.

I am accustomed to it, yes.
Living in a brand-new structure is something I enjoy.
For everything I need, I have money.
Every morning when I wake up, I start the kettle and head out to the balcony to drink tea.
I enjoy observing the city rouse at moments like these.
Because I had to work two shifts, I used to dream of getting enough sleep.
I had a fantasy about aging in the company of loved ones, but I was likely destined to be alone.
It’s still more fun together, so why don’t you bring your pet?

I can leave the dog because I don’t know if I’ll wake up the next morning.
You know, honey, sometimes cats also leave their owners.
I’m unable to face someone I can’t defend.
There has been enough; I once did something stupid like that.

The woman tried valiantly to maintain her composure while bragging, but she was unable to handle it and broke down in tears.

Never leave your parents alone as a child because you are a part of them and if they aren’t there, you aren’t either.