The girl received a heart transplant following a 218-day wait and six months in the hospital.

In a Chicago hospital, a young child who had been in need of a heart transplant for the previous six months and had been waiting 218 days for one, received her new heart last month.

On March 27, Elodie Carmen Baker underwent a long-awaited heart transplant at the Lurie Children’s Hospital Heart Center, according to Good Morning America.

Unfortunately, Elodie was given the unfortunate diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy in August 2021, when she was just seven weeks old.

Elodie had to wait more than 200 days for a new heart, which was the only treatment option available to the medical team.

According to the girl’s mother, Kate Baker, “our pregnancy went well and we gave birth peacefully. Elodie basically went home with us. ”.

She spent seven weeks with us at her Minnesota home but skipped one night of eating. “Something’s wrong,” I said to Colin (her husband) as I was nursing the baby and she was sobbing. ”.

Baker remembers that initially, the emergency room’s medical staff found nothing to suggest a problem.

Kate said, “I believe they were debating whether to send us home, but they said, ‘Let’s just get an X-ray to be sure.'”.

The X-ray results then appeared. That was in August, when they noticed her heart was enlarged. 21. After that, we stopped coming home. ”.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dilated cardiomyopathy results in an enlarged heart chamber in both children and adults, which may prevent the muscle from pumping enough blood through the body.

According to Dr. Anna Joong, who has been caring for Elodie for the past few months, “in Elodie’s case, the genetic test did not reveal an answer for why she developed this kind of cardiomyopathy and in that situation, it’s called idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, meaning at this point, we don’t really know why this happened to her.”.

Elodie’s heart muscle was reportedly very weak, according to mom Kate.

It has grown over time, she said. The blood vessel has dilated and now resembles a pancake because it hasn’t been able to push the blood out or pump it to the rest of the body. ”.

Elodie was flown to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Illinois two months following her diagnosis. She had surgery to have a pediatric ventricular assist device (VAD) implanted there, which essentially served as her substitute heart and pumped blood throughout her body until the appropriate transplant could be found.

She needed a VAD because her heart was so ill, according to Dr. Joong, and the IV medications were simply insufficient.

“We use this device as a way to bridge her to transplant so that it’s a way to support her heart, to help get her stronger in the time that she’s waiting for her donor heart. ”.

ELO has successfully undergone a heart transplant as of March 27, after two years of waiting.

“It will continue to use (feeding) tubes after a transplant, but once it recovers, slowly try to reduce food through the tube to encourage it to be able to satisfy Calico’s needs in the mouth,” Nora Hammond, a practitioner Nurse at Luria explained on good morning America.

“A few hours after leaving the operating room, the breathing tube could be removed. “Dr. X says her new heart is strong and functioning perfectly. Jun kept going.

“In order to prevent deviation, it receives conventional immunosuppression. She is sitting after having already been moved to the level of care provided by the ICU. We are so appreciative to the donor family for giving us this strong young lady. “.

I’m exactly like this in the elder’s family; keep up the fight!

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