The couple bought a cistern and within a year turned it into a house that made the cover of a magazine. 

A young family solves a housing problem by buying an old tank. The couple invested their last money in it and, predictably, was criticized by friends. However, in just one year, the old bunker turned into a fashion house that made the cover of a design magazine. The couple purchased a silo built in 1955.

She was brought to the site and started preparing for the transformation into a real home. The head of the family is a seasoned architect who should immediately understand the scope of work.

The corrugated iron wall was kept but repainted white to reflect the sun’s rays. Round doors and windows are made to order, the main entrance is made to slide. The total area of ​​the house is only 31 m².

Thanks to a competent approach, everything fits:
The kitchen, bathroom and office are arranged in a circular shape, the central space is the house. The interior is also closed inside, the bedroom is on the second floor. The unique project quickly made it to the shortlist of the design competition and won.

Short video to visit the house:
The cost of building the house was not disclosed. But it’s not likely to be more expensive than a typical apartment in a good neighborhood.