The boss called the home of an employee who did not come to work, but the child picked up the phone. Here’s what came out of it. PHOTO

The boss called home the employee who had come to pick up the child without coming to work.
what happened next

The boss couldn’t figure out why one of his most valued employees wasn’t showing up, and he didn’t even call to let him know he wasn’t there.

However, due to serious problems with the main computer, I dialed the employee’s home number. The child answered and whispered.

– good morning!

– good morning! The boss asked if your father was at home. “Yes,” said the boy slowly.

“May I speak to him?”

– no.

asked the surprised man.

“Is your mother home?” – yes.

“May I speak to him?”

she whispered softly.

– no.

Hoping there was one more adult who could get the message across, the leader asked:

“Is there anyone else at home?” – there is police officer.

The boss wanted to know what the police officer was doing at the employee’s house and asked.

“Can I speak to the police?”

No, he is busy. – what does he do?

He talks to mom, dad and firefighters.

At that time, the man heard a very loud noise.

– what’s that sound?

“Helicopter,” said the boy slowly. “Yeah, what’s going on there?” asked the boss, and began to get seriously worried.

A search party has just landed in a helicopter.

asks the leader, anxious and a little confused.

– what are you looking for? A child’s voice answers.

– myself!