Teen Lorelai Mosnegutu Has Room In Tears With Piano Playing With Feet And Beautiful Singing

14-year-old Lorelai Moșneguțu was born without arms, but she wasn’t going to let that slow her down on the way to becoming an amazing pianist and singer. The teen had the room in tears with the power of her performance on Romania’s Got Talent, where she deftly played keyboard with her feet and sang a gorgeous vocal part on “A Million Stars”.

Girl Sings & Plays Piano With Her Feet! | GOLDEN BUZZER | Auditions Week 4 | Românii au talent – YouTube

The judges and just about everyone in the room was stunned and the emotion on their faces was clear to see. Aside from the hugely impressive feat of playing the piano part with her toes, Lorelai is an enormously talented singer who really put her soul into the performance. Judge Andra seized the moment and hit the golden buzzer, prompting an huge outpouring of emotion in the room. Watch the one-of-a-kind audition below.