Special Occasions: By a happy coincidence, these four beautiful sisters are all due at the same time

It’s a happy coincidence that my four sisters are due around the same time and all are due this year.

Kayleigh Stewart, 29, is expecting her first child, and her mother, Jay Goodwilly, 35, is already expecting a baby boy in May. Kelly Ann Thomson, 41, already a mother, and Amy Goodwilly, 24, already a mother, are both in the early stages of pregnancy.

The birth of these newborns will increase the number of children in the family from four to eight, adding two boys for the first time.

During the holidays, her extended family of 22, including newborns, spouses, and grandparents, gather to celebrate. Hailing from the beautiful Scottish city of Stirling, the family also has two sisters, Kim Goodwilly, 27, a mother of one, and Jodie Goodwilly, 21.

Jay’s due date is May 11, followed by Kaley’s due date 11 days later. Meanwhile, Kelly Ann is due to give birth in October and Amy is expecting a baby in August.

Kaylee said:
“Ever since we all lived together in one house, we’ve always been a close family.”

“Our mother was very happy to be present at the birth of her four daughters. »

What makes this event even more unusual is that, statistically, not all sisters are likely to conceive at the same time.

Kelly Ann added:
“It’s really exciting for the family. When the babies go to kindergarten or school, they love being in the same class. I’m sure they’ll be good friends.”