Simone Biles overcame obstacles as a child and responded to haters who were offended by her shoddy and subpar wedding attire.

In the history of gymnastics, Simone Biles has established herself as a legendary figure. One of the most decorated athletes in American sporting history, she proudly holds 25 medals from World Championships and seven medals from the Olympics. She made incredible progress at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she won gold medals in the vault, floor, and all-around competitions, and as a result, her fame skyrocketed.

In addition to being a fantastic athlete, Biles is a superb spokesperson for issues related to mental health. She participated in competitions that assisted the United States in reaching its objective of earning a spot in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, but she ultimately made the decision not to compete in the sporting event. Her decision was praised by both her supporters and people in the sports world, and it sparked a debate about how athletes’ mental health should be given more attention.

For her parents and sister, Biles will now act as a more direct source of inspiration. She has experienced hardship in her own life, but she has always been there for her family, both in their times of need and in their times of joy. And Biles had many reasons to celebrate on April 22, 2023, when she wed American football player Jonathan Owens. For five years, the couple had been dating. The two have been dating since the month of August 2020.

It was unquestionably a happy day for the newlyweds, but despite that, Biles received a lot of backlash for the way she looked on her wedding day. Less than $200 was spent on Biles’ entire costume, and she got comments, among other things, on the way her hair looked. The Olympic athlete responded to all of the criticism that was leveled at her since then.

In the city of Columbus, Ohio, on March 14, 1997, Biles was born. She was one of the four kids in her family, and eventually, all four of them would wind up in the foster care system. According to Sky News, Biles’ mother frequently fed a stray cat rather than her kids, leaving the latter to go hungry. Regarding the animal, Biles remarked, “She always fed it, but she never fed us.”.

When Biles’ maternal grandparents learned that their grandchildren were residing in foster care in 2003, they decided to adopt Biles and her younger sister. Biles’ aunt took in the two other kids.

In 2012, Biles decided that attending home school rather than a traditional school setting would allow her to better focus on her gymnastics abilities and training. She reportedly invested anywhere between 20 and 30 hours per week in her gymnastics training. Biles finally made the decision to compete professionally in gymnastics, and she hasn’t turned back since.

The fact that Biles won seven medals at the Olympics demonstrates how well she has done for herself in the sport of athletics. While Biles’ private life has experienced its fair share of highs and lows, she has had plenty of cause to celebrate her life and her achievements in recent years. In a social media post that featured the football star bending down to one knee on February 15, 2022, Biles and her husband-to-be, Owens, made their relationship public.

Let’s jump ahead to April 22nd, 2023, when the happy couple decided to get married and became husband and wife. Biles made a lot of the event’s images and videos public.
One of them, according to her, was her “official” family.
In addition, Biles said that her husband was her “person, forever. ”.

Biles and Owens obtained their marriage license well in advance of the wedding day, even going so far as to practice cutting the cake. Biles also enjoyed a stunning bridal shower.

It appeared that Biles decided to have her wedding without making a sizable financial commitment to the event or her attire. According to People magazine, Biles and Owens wed in a courtroom the same week that she ordered her wedding dress. Her wedding gown cost slightly less than 120 dollars, and her shoes cost about 35 dollars, despite the fact that they usually go for closer to 60 dollars.

Biles’ appearance may have inspired some aspiring brides to choose their wedding attire, but the gymnast received criticism for her behavior on the wedding day. While still others said that she “should have laid her edges,” others said her hair appeared “unkempt.”. ”.

Thankfully, a sizable contingent of Biles’ fans stood up for her, reminding everyone what was actually crucial that day. Simone Biles and her husband look incredibly happy on their wedding day, and they did it their way, so I didn’t even focus on Simone Biles’ hair, one user on Twitter wrote. ” Another person said:.

“Simone Biles is one of THEE best gymnasts we have ever seen, and she overcame adversity in her early life, including abuse situations. She found love, defined her own success, and is currently married and content. And your concern for her hair permeated the entire group. ?”.

More recently, in response to a tweet, Biles wrote, “I suppose people also forget that I live in Houston, Texas, and that I sweat things out!! when we went outside to take pictures as soon as we could. But they can keep complaining idc idc idc, she continued. ”.

The gymnast has shown that her love and happiness with her husband can overcome any obstacle, even though it is disheartening to see that some people could have potentially ruined Biles’ happy day with their critical remarks.