She left her son and went to the hospital, but no one expected such a turn of events. 

He was always in a bad mood. He didn’t even know his father when he died.

One day, however, he came holding the child’s hand and asked him to stay with him because he wanted to go abroad to work.

Her husband forced me to take the child to an orphanage. We had a date every week and took him home on holidays. Her daughter wasn’t thrilled with it. She was on bad terms with her sister’s son and wouldn’t let her play with her toys. Years have passed. His older sister’s son graduated from high school and went to college. And he got to work. He received a high salary. Rent a house, I would walk around the house and cook for him. My daughter got married and moved to her husband’s house. One day my health deteriorated. I was taken to Wang Dun. Daughter, I didn’t come here to visit him. :

A surprise awaited me at home when I was released. “I’m sorry, I have a crush on someone else, but we have to break up.” From the bottom of my heart, I was grateful to my sister for leaving me a son. Otherwise I would be alone today.