‘People are in shock’: Miley Cyrus’ sister walks in Paris with chains only on her chest  

The “Queen of Nudity” is Miley Cyrus. But Noah, 23, is following her outspoken older sister.

The girl gained fame from an early age. A young Noah Cyrus made her television debut at the age of two alongside her legendary country star father, Bill Ray Cyrus. She Noah made frequent cameo appearances as one of the episodic characters in Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana project. It seems that Cyrus Jr. should have been drawn to an acting career, but she preferred music instead. So, from the age of 17, Noah started releasing full singles, some of which entered the charts. Her sister and her father, who also gave up her acting career, gave Cyrus her prowess in singing.

However, Noah is also similar to her sister in other ways. Girls still share a love for fashion and their own style, which sometimes causes a lot of confusion for the public. Noah Cyrus, for example, showed up at the annual Paris Fashion Week in a chic, form-fitting dress with a plunging neckline that exposed the singer’s entire chest. The Hollywood beauty hid her nipples with a big black chain, but she still exposed more than necessary to avoid looking downright lewd.

Her Noah has no eyebrows on her face, which she had lightened before, which made her whole look even better. In fact, as a result, Cyrus had a whitened look on her face and an aching look that accentuated her cheekbones.