Newborn twins fight over pacifiers, very funny results 

A newborn can fill your life with joy and happiness. Her innocent smile brightens your day, but her worries make everyone sad. But having twin babies at home quickly doubles the joy.

Twin babies don’t just look alike. They also tend to quarrel over trifles. Recently, a battle between twins over a pacifier became widely known on the Internet. The two babies lay together with a pacifier in the mouth of one of the twins.

A baby with a pacifier sucked on it with confidence. At the same time, the other twin was frantically moving his hand to put the pacifier in his mouth. Finally he cried a little and tried to pull the pacifier out of his twin brother’s mouth. Unfortunately, this resulted in twin babies crying sadly using pacifiers. The other twin put part of the pacifier in his mouth, and eventually the twin brother lost the pacifier completely. He started crying again, this time with the other twin silently sucking the other end of his pacifier.

Babies love to suck on thumbs, fingers and many other things. The reason for this habit is a strong sucking reflex. Smoking has a relaxing and calming effect on them. Many experts believe that using a pacifier to feed your baby can be both good and bad. It can serve as a temporary distraction to prevent your baby from crying after vaccination. A pacifier also helps your baby ignore discomfort during flight.

However, using a pacifier also has its downsides. For example, using a pacifier can interfere with breastfeeding. Additionally, long-term use of pacifiers can lead to dental problems. Therefore, the use of baby pacifiers in emergencies should be kept to a minimum.