‘NCIS’ David McCallum Shares Photos of 8 Grandchildren Who Are ‘Impressed’ by Their ‘Sniper’ Grandma with Pride.

When he’s not battling crime on a highly regarded TV program, David McCallum is a proud grandfather. The fact that he had some marital problems made his path to becoming a grandpa less than straightforward.
McCallum has had two marriages. He had three children from his first union with Jill Ireland. After experiencing a miscarriage, the couple adopted Jason after welcoming Paul and Val into the world naturally.

Sadly, after Ireland had an extramarital affair with actor Charles Bronson, their marriage, which had been blissfully married for some time, ended. According to McCallum, Bronson’s affair with his wife did not make him hate him.
Even though they had three kids, he said it was challenging, but he and Ireland were able to resolve their differences amicably. Despite knowing Bronson, another actor, and being a friend of McCallum’s, he didn’t let it keep him down for long, and he soon got married again.
The former “NCIS” cast member married Katherine Carpenter for the second time. McCallum and Carpenter had two kids during their marriage. Peter and Sophie are their two children, of whom they are incredibly proud. They created a lovely life together and still love each other today.

In 2022, 54 years have passed, and Carpenter and McCallum are still a happily married couple. Through his two marriages, Carpenter has produced five children, making him a grandfather to eight kids. His love for his grandchildren has been repeatedly expressed, and he genuinely enjoys being a grandfather.


McCallum enjoys a close relationship with his five children and is a proud father to them all. Val and Paul, his two biological children from his first marriage, are musicians and studio photographers, respectively. His first marriage’s youngest child met a terrible end.

The actor claimed that he regularly saw his two oldest children and also spent time with their offspring.
The death of Jason, his youngest child from his first marriage, at the age of just 20, however, was a terrible loss for him.

McCallum was devastated by the loss of Jason, who died at a young age from a drug overdose. McCallum experienced a protracted period of mourning after his son’s passing, which he shared:.

“The loss of a child is never easy to accept. Even though the pain is very real, it manifests as an ache that later turns into rage. ”.

At one of the most difficult points in McCallum’s life, his youngest son was adopted, and the two got along well until Jason’s untimely passing. A young woman got in touch with McCallum after Jason passed away to share some happy news.

McCallum was informed by the young lady that Tory was her son by Jason. Tory has been welcomed by the actor and his family, and McCallum has expressed the wish that the boy grow up to be the kind of person his late father was.

His daughter Sophie once worked in real estate, and Peter, his son from his second marriage, is an executive in the advertising industry. Sophie gave up her real estate career to start and raise a family.


Eight grandchildren between their joint five children and McCallum and Carpenter make them proud grandparents today. Since McCallum feels that the word “Grandpa” sounds too old, the kids refer to him as “Granddaddy” or “Grandducky.”.

McCallum asserted that he is not elderly and should not be referred to in a way that suggests otherwise. He constantly shares pictures with his grandchildren despite their requests that he avoid appearing too old to them. He is smitten with them.

While McCallum does not have a profile on the well-known photo-sharing app Instagram, he does post pictures of his grandchildren on his Facebook page. Each of them receives compliments from admirers.

He shared a picture of his grandson wearing sunglasses and a backpack and referred to him as “A Young Ducky,” which he later clarified to mean just one young grandson. People on social media noted how much the young boy resembled his grandfather.

McCallum has posted pictures of his family, including him, as well as pictures of each of his grandchildren. The pictures of the grandchildren alone are typically saved for special occasions, but every now and then he posts a cute picture just for the sake of the public.

His grandson’s sixth birthday was one of these unique events, which he commemorated in 2016. McCallum published a picture of the young man drinking through a straw while donning round glasses. He said the picture was taken on the boy’s sixth birthday.

While special occasions call for pictures of his grandchildren alone, there are other special occasions that call for pictures of the entire family. One of them took place on the day McCallum became a citizen of the US.

McCallum was born in the UK and only later acquired US citizenship. His grandchildren gave him some sweets to celebrate the anniversary of this event, and they all sat around a round table to celebrate while the sweets appeared to have captured the attention of his grandchildren.

McCallum shares numerous photos and frequently provides a caption that describes the content of each image. However, some pictures of special occasions can convey the love and happiness being shared in the moment without the need for a caption.

Early in 2019, McCallum shared one such picture. Along with three other adults who have not been identified, McCallum is seated in it with her three grandchildren. Each person in the picture has a contented expression, displaying love and happiness.

According to McCallum, he has two close-by girl grandchildren and six boy grandchildren who live in New York. Despite the fact that his grandchildren are spread out across various coasts, he frequently visits them all. He made a joke.

“I keep the boys and girls on different coasts so that I can keep them straight. ”.

He added that he thinks it’s funny that one of his grandchildren calls him “Grandducky,” but he is ultimately happy to be a grandfather and proud of it.