Mom says no one congratulated her or celebrated her disabled daughter’s arrival

Eliza discovered the response was not what she anticipated it would be when her daughter was born.

After trying to conceive for about nine months, Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her husband Erik, 41, received some wonderful news.

She was finally going to become a mother because she was pregnant.

Like any new mother, she was ecstatic. Eliza immediately told her family the wonderful news, and they were all overjoyed for the happy couple.

At the time, Eliza was happy to finally have her own children because all of her sisters and cousins already had their own families.

It would be difficult for her to become pregnant at her age, but she was given a miracle. With the knowledge that their blessing will be a baby girl, Eliza and her husband are incredibly grateful.

Everything was simply amazing, and everyone could not wait to welcome the newest member of the family in a few months.

On the day of her due date, Eliza was prepared and ready to give birth. Of course, her infant had other plans.

Little Isabella, also called Bella, arrived a month earlier than expected.
She was due on the day of her due date.

Eliza and Erik are prepared for their daughter’s earlier arrival despite the change in plans.

It took Isabella 12 hours to give birth in October 2018. Despite the fact that she weighed 512 pounds, she wasn’t just larger than average.

Eliza became aware that the response was different than she had anticipated after the birth of her daughter.

She imagined a different scenario, one where everyone was happy for her and her child and was gushing with congratulations.

Not after her baby was born did she experience the eerie silence and depressing mood. Later, she learns that there was a rationale for everyone’s unexpected responses.

When Eliza noticed the expressions on the people in the delivery room, her heart fell.

When they saw the newly arrived bundle of joy, they appeared bewildered, dejected, and unable to smile. Additionally, everything had a purpose.

Treacher-Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the growth of the facial bones and results in deformities, was present at birth in little Bella.

In addition, Bella’s condition caused other problems.

The infant’s small airway, hard and soft cleft palate, microtia, small and recessed jaw, and hearing loss are all congenital conditions.

When she was a baby, I noticed that one of her ears was folded extremely small, but I didn’t pay it much attention because I had heard that babies often have odd appearances at first.

I became aware of a problem as I turned to look around, though.

Nobody was giving me praise, and my mother and husband exhibited bewilderment and fear. The doctor entered the room, and then there was an oddly silent moment. I didn’t know what was happening. ”.

The love of a mother, however, goes beyond outward appearances. It is unwavering, regardless of who you are or what you possess.

When Eliza finally got to hold Isabella, she couldn’t help but feel joy at having her daughter in her arms.

“I finally got to hold Isabella; she was different.
However, I had a momentary crush on her and felt confident that everything would be alright.

Even though Isabella is unique, her parents still adore her.

Even though it is to be expected that onlookers will gawk at their daughter’s peculiar features, they will continue to show her all of their love despite this.

“I was aware that my experience as a mother would be unique. But I was aware that my newborn was worthy of praise.

I was prepared to discuss her, respond to inquiries, and spread knowledge of her condition, Eliza said.

Isabella continues to be a happy and outgoing child despite her condition and some people’s reactions to her appearance.

Isabella is so vibrant, full of love, and life.
She is incredibly smart and tough.
She is enthusiastic and full of energy, loves to be the center of attention, and is eager to learn, according to Eliza.

Despite having a unique appearance, Isabella brings her parents happiness and joy.