Lonely 70-year-old teacher never had a birthday party, hears someone yell her name from the street — Story of the Day

Even though Agnes Lloyd was approaching 70 years old, she had never celebrated a birthday in her entire life. The day of the event, she pretended everything was as usual until she went to get into her car and startledly heard someone yell her name. The upcoming events were completely unexpected to her.

Christian, one of the students, asked Agnes abruptly, “When’s your birthday, Mrs. Lloyd?”. They had finished the lesson earlier than she had anticipated, and she had encouraged them to talk about other things this time.
Christian’s query, however, caught her off guard.

The subject of her birthday was anything but enjoyable. It was a sensitive subject for her because she had not celebrated it in nearly 70 years. Birthdays were not important to her parents, and they lacked the funds to buy gifts anyway. They neglected most celebrations when she married her late husband at the age of 18, preferring to concentrate on their studies and building a good life for themselves.

Then their children arrived and became the center of attention. Agnes was certain that none of her children even knew the precise day of her birth, and perhaps it was her fault for not pressuring them to learn it. But after so much time, she finally decided to let it go. Being disappointed was harder than doing it.

As she crossed the street to the parking lot with the thought in mind, she was startled by a sudden yell. “MRS. She dropped her purse in shock after hearing “LLOYD!” the sound reverberated.
“Well, guys, my birthday is not that important. She told her students, wrinkling her nose and shaking her head, “I don’t really celebrate it all.

“However, you must celebrate it. Christian asked, “How old are you turning this year?” and the others laughed a little. Confounded, he cast a confused glance around the classroom. “What, is that impolite?”.

“Asking an older woman her age is a bit impolite. But I’ll let you know. She retaliated, laughing at Christian’s innocence, “I’m turning 70 this year, and it’s just going to be another regular day.

Agnes shook her head in response to a fellow student’s comment, “That’s a big milestone! Are your kids coming?”. Her children no longer lived with her and never celebrated her birthday.

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“Nah, they’re busy. Furthermore, I doubt that they even recall my birthday. Agnes asked, diverting their attention from her birthday, “But what kinds of birthday celebrations do young people have these days? They fell for the trap, and soon they were talking about every kind of party and theme that was trendy at the time. With a sigh of relief, Agnes grinned at the children.

Her day continued as usual after the class was over. But that night, the thought of her birthday broke her heart. Even though they didn’t celebrate her birthday with her husband because he had passed away for a long time, it was always wonderful to hug him on that day.
Everything seemed to be irrelevant now that she was alone.

When her birthday arrived, everything at school went as planned. She was even relieved her students did not inquire further because her birthday was readily available on her online profile. It was a nice day in Seattle. She continued to believe that someone would be concerned. That which was worst was hope.

Nor had her children made a call.
Discouragement set in because she had not heard from them in a while. Even if they forgot her birthday, she wished they would call just to see how she was doing.

When the last bell of the day rang, she slowly walked to her car after grabbing her purse from her desk. Even though her doctors didn’t advise it for her at her age, she still intended to treat herself to a cheesecake. It was her birthday, and she deserved it, so who cares?

She was grinning as she crossed the street to the parking lot when she was startled by an abrupt yell. “MRS. She dropped her purse in shock after hearing “LLOYD!” the sound reverberated. Agnes took a look around and was astounded by what she noticed.

In the parking lot, her students, some teachers, and the school staff were gathered with birthday banners. She had been lost in thought for so long that she had not noticed them before, but when she realized they had planned such a surprise for her, her mouth dropped open in disbelief. As they all began singing “Happy Birthday,” Christian approached, picked up her purse, and helped her find the others.

As the song went on, she grinned even wider, her surprise and joy becoming more obvious. Her eyes became increasingly wet. She had no idea how they had organized this. As they finished the song, she winced once more as tiny pieces of confetti started to fly everywhere. But the best part wasn’t there.

When a few of the students split up, her children Kiara, Linda, and Jordan emerged holding a birthday cake with two candles that formed the number 70. They all cried “Happy birthday, Mom!” and Agnes lost her cool for the first time.

After a few minutes, her children urged her to blow out the candles and make a wish as they drew closer to comfort her. Everyone applauded as she made her first candle blow in 70 years.

The faculty joined the students in coming to hug and welcome her. Everyone started to leave for home soon after they divided the cake, with the exception of her children.

Finally Agnes asked her kids, “You guys, how did this happen, and what are you doing here?”.

“Your students were preparing this little surprise for you, the principal called and told us. They questioned whether we wanted to attend despite the fact that they knew it would be a small and quick event, Linda said.

“We discovered we had never celebrated your birthday when Linda called to see if I wanted to go. Ever. Ever. Jordan couldn’t recall whether we had also when we called him, Kiara added.

Mom, we’re truly sorry. We ought to have called and checked in while celebrating. Realizing that your mother’s students are more concerned about her than you is not a good feeling. Jordan shrugged his shoulders and said, “So we had to come.

Oh, kids, it’s all right, Agnes assured them, pulling them all in for a hug.

However, this is not over yet. Our children decorated your home while they were here. Agnes’ heart swelled with happiness as Linda announced, imitating some dancing, “We’re continuing this party at home because 70 is a milestone you can’t miss!”.

Food, music, and gifts were prepared for the elderly woman by her family at home. Agnes thought she would wait another 70 years for something like this in a heartbeat if she had to as they danced, ate, and made love in her living room.