Little Cuban Boy Steals The Show In Old Havana Dancing On The Streets

During a street band performance, a young Cuban boy was handed a Latin American percussion instrument called a güiro before being invited to play with the band. As he watches the musicians around him, he starts to dance and pick up the rhythm.

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During a walk down a side street in Old Havana, Cuba, YouTuber “Janelly” caught this adorable moment on camera. This type of street performance is a very common occurrence in Cuba. It’s a beautiful scene of locals and tourists enjoying live music, the sun, and engaging with the live band on show! Watch the little man in action in the video below.However, the little boy playing the güiro that day made this performance super special and was the reason millions of people have seen the performance online. Since the day Janelly uploaded the video to YouTube it has reached over 7 million views and is fast approaching 8 million.

Below is another heartwarming moment as a little boy sings to his younger brother and says “Aren’t we all different”.