Kids are accustomed to you working for them, so stop that stupid habit. It is better to consider his life. The signora once told me in the courtyard where I was living, “The children will forget you.”

Two daughters and two sons make up Pani Bogdana’s family of four. Long ago, the husband moved in with another woman after leaving the family.

Bogdana’s only source of inspiration and motivation was the notion that kids would undoubtedly thank him in the future. Perhaps no one will recognize the mother’s efforts.

The kids have grown up now. Bogdana hoped that someone would look after her in this life.
However, nobody is yet eager to spread the love.
Once she had brought the children all to her house for her birthday.
Bringing back children’s childhood memories that would last a lifetime was his current dream.
Even after a protracted period of separation, I wanted them to keep this meeting in their memories.

Kids used to have a crazy love for their mom. But kids are always a sea of flattery and positive emotions.
The woman has primarily worked for children for the past eight years.
the same as before.

Bogdanov considered.
He recalled the elderly Spaniard he worked for because of the wise life advice.
The only regret is that Bogdana did not want to hear these sage advice.
When the elderly woman repeated herself, he continued to spoil the kids.
“Bogdano, I’m already 95 years old.
Once, please, pay attention to me.
You give the kids a lot of money.
Perhaps it’s time to consider you.
Such is the way of life.
Believe me, kids don’t show gratitude.
You will find yourself alone if you develop a condition similar to mine.
Even if you gave the kids houses and cars, they won’t remember it.
You’ll find out.

Bogdana merely laughed.
His kids aren’t like that at all, how strange.
He did an excellent job of raising them.
He seemed to know the future in advance, because that’s exactly what happened in the end.
“Who of the four should answer when a mother asks for help?”.

The roar of the engine abruptly distracted Bogdana from her thoughts.
A car pulled up in the yard.
The same cars the kids had purchased with her money were visible out the window as the woman peered out.
The mother finally gave her kids a hug as she ran to them.

One of the girls snapped, “Why did you get us together?”.

“I wanted us to all see each other.

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The fact that today is Bogdana’s birthday went unmentioned.
He misplaced it.
It’s unfortunate.
I wanted to celebrate it with the kids because for a few years he had only ever met her through Signora, so what can you do?

I’d like to show you something else, though.
items that were found during your childhood.
There are so many memories.
Once more, I was persuaded that the purpose of my life lay solely with you.

The kids glared at their mother indignantly, as if they were anticipating the conclusion of this miraculous ceremony.

“This area contains trash.
Either burn it or dispose of it.

“It merely came to our attention at that time.
His son says angrily, “We need money here.”.

Bogdana remained silent. Her eyes started to cry.

He recalled what the signora had said when she repeatedly emphasized that this was the last chapter. Bogdana should have listened to him, but she didn’t.

The kids ate at the table, expressed gratitude, and then dispersed.
Even birthdays weren’t observed.
Bogdana was speechless.
It was so draining on the soul.
He observed the deserted road from the window.
He continued to sob as he turned to look at the children’s possessions, which he kept close to his heart.

Consider my entire life to have been one of survival.
How are they with me?
“Bogdana couldn’t take it; she had to do everything for the benefit of the kids.

Following some time, the neighbor rapped on the door.
I was curious as to how the Bogdan vacation went.
The friend stopped moving as soon as he crossed the threshold.
He observed the neighbor lying next to the window and gazing up at the ceiling.
His mother couldn’t handle such sorrow.

What do kids think of their mother-child relationship?

I’m sorry, who are your kids?