In ancient times, women’s hair was very long and could only be seen in private rooms

In every era, in every era, and in almost every country, women have long hair. Body proportions have changed and fashion trends have changed, but long hair has always remained a symbol of femininity and feminine charm. A lot has changed in our time, creative haircuts and colors have appeared, but even in the modern world long and well-groomed hair is still a symbol of femininity.

Although there are fewer and fewer girls with such hair. Loosening hair has always been a bad habit, and it’s hard to believe that self-respecting women always wore their hair in buns or braids. But the question arises where are the many old paintings depicting beautiful girls with chic long hair. They were models and fashion models. A woman in the Victorian era was not allowed to let her hair down. This was only possible in the bathroom or bedroom. Paradoxically, long hair was still in vogue despite the ban on loose hair. They were braided and worked into intricate hairstyles and adorned with brooches, flowers and ribbons. The girl’s hair loss could only be seen by her legal husband. Therefore, women in those days were considered inaccessible and mysterious beings. It was very hard to comb and take care of such long hair. Wealthy women were assisted by maids. It took me hours to style and decorate my hair beautifully.

Collected hair personified the girl’s humility, docility and spiritual purity. She was 15 years old when a girl was allowed to show herself in public. Today, people’s thinking and social norms have changed. Women and girls decide for themselves what hairstyle they want to wear. More and more women are opting for short hair to make hair care easier. But no matter how fashions and times change, girls with long hair will always remain a symbol of femininity and sophistication.