In a single $3 billion deal, Michael Jordan will surpass all-time Nike earnings.

NBA legend Michael Jordan will make $2 billion more after agreeing to sell his Charlotte Hornets shares for $3 billion than he did from his 40-year partnership with Nike, which saw him make $1.08 billion.

Last Friday marked the end of Jordan’s 13-year ownership of the team when he decided to sell the majority of his shares. The sale represents the seventh-most expensive sale price in the history of a sports franchise, with six of the top seven deals taking place in the previous four years.

After the deal is approved, Jordan will retain a small ownership stake in the team, according to the sale’s details, and rumors have it that the former owner will still have a say in which players the team chooses to draft in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Most people agree that Michael Jordan is the best player in NBA history. The NBA won’t have any majority-owned by African-Americans after his formal departure.

Bob Johnson, the co-founder of BET and the RLJ Companies, sold the then-Charlotte Bobcats to Jordan for $180 million in 2010. According to additional reports, Jordan only contributed $25 million in cash to the equity valuation at the time, with the majority of the remaining millions of enterprise value being made up of the team’s existing debt.

With $250,000 in signing bonuses, Jordan earned a total of $93,877,500 in cash over the course of his playing career, according to Spotrac. Jordan has made about $1.08 billion in his 40 years as a partner and signature athlete with Nike.

Jordan’s ownership remains one of his most successful business ventures, regardless of the team’s performance on the court. The sale of the NBA franchise was 11 times more expensive than the average valuations for the NFL, NBA, and MLS franchises as a result of the franchise’s skyrocketing value.

The Hornets participated in just 15 playoff games while Jordan was their coach, with three first-round exits. The team has six times received a lottery pick in the years they have drafted since 2004, but they have yet to win an NBA championship. In 2006, Adam Morrison was one of the choices. 3), Brandan Wright in 2007, and Brandan Wright in 2008. 2008 (no. 8), DJ Augustin (no. 9) and the LaMelo Ball in 2020 (number 10).

The team missed out on Damian Lillard in 2012, Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2013, Devin Booker in 2015, and Donovan Mitchell in 2017. May saw Stephen A. Even though he was one of the most successful players to ever play the game, Smith claimed that Jordan was in charge of many NBA careers.

It’s important to realize that Michael Jordan destroyed many careers before we are too harsh on him. “, Smith declared in his “Know Mercy” podcast. There are numerous individuals who never achieved victory as a result of Michael Jordan. “.

He messed with a variety of careers, not just those of the players. “Once Michael Jordan became an owner, how many people (do) you think were interested in helping him do business? (Do) You know how many executives Michael Jordan denied an opportunity to house a championship trophy?”.

They were prepared to mistreat him at every opportunity because they were powerless to stop him on the basketball court, he continued. He wasn’t allowed to choose the best basketball players and candidates. He had to choose people he felt confident in. The protection of the Jordan brand as a whole meant that that had to take precedence and priority. That definitely got in the way, in my opinion. “.

Despite this criticism, Jordan has reaped enormous financial rewards from his tenure as the Hornets’ owner. Given the success he has had off the court and in the boardroom, it will likely end up being his most lucrative business deal.