Husky Dog Who Was Called Ugly For Crooked Smile Finds Family Who Drives 2.6K Miles To Adopt Him!

Happy for this lovely Husky, of course.

Simply put, this is perfect. People need to stop focusing on outward appearance. Animals are not all blessed with it either. However, they might be the most beautiful thing on the inside.

Harvey, a Husky with a goofy face who some people thought was ugly, was adopted by a Washington family last month. They traveled 2,600 miles roundtrip in six days to pick him up.

Harvey was given his name after the DC Comics villain Harvey Dent, also known as “Two Face,” who is one of Batman’s greatest foes.
Harvey was “thin and dirty” and had a “facial deformity” when he arrived at the San Diego Department of Animal Services shelter in Carlsbad, California, last September.

Joy Ollinger, 44, a lieutenant with the San Diego Department of Animal Services, told Fox News Digital: “He has a crooked smile. Our vets examined him, and they think his facial deformity is possibly from being bitten when he was a very young puppy.”. He is unbothered by the fact that he is ignorant of the alternative.

At any given time, the shelter can house 110 dogs, according to Ollinger.

In order to get to know Harvey, who Ollinger estimated to be almost two years old, better, she started bringing him into her office.

He is very sweet, quiet, and intelligent, according to Ollinger. He also likes to be the center of attention and would lie by my feet. He always showed a keen interest in everything I did. He would raise his front paw and scan the keyboard when I was typing.


Harvey is a calm and quiet husky who gets along with other dogs and enjoys treats, according to Ollinger, who wrote a Facebook post explaining his personality and why someone should give him a chance.
Harvey has a facial disfigurement that doesn’t bother him, but it causes him to smile unevenly. He comes across as even cuter, in my opinion. ”.

Sherry Lankston, 41, of Woodinville, Washington, responded to the post more than 1,000 miles away after falling in love right away.

“Oh my gosh, that’s the cutest dog ever,” I thought when I first saw Harvey’s silly smile, Lankston told Fox News Digital.
My husband and I made light of the fact that I had found our second dog. The idea of getting a second dog had been on our minds for some time. Our first dog, River, enjoys playing with other dogs and wants a buddy. We’re talking about it now, but nothing has ever really clicked.
Lankston acknowledged that after further thought, she was certain that Harvey was the one.

With her children Harrison, 7, and Fionnlagh, 4, packed and ready to go, Lankston left for Carlsbad in less than three days. It took more than twenty hours to travel there.

Harvey and the Lankstons instantly fell in love, according to Ollinger.
The following day, Robert, Sherry’s husband, flew down to meet Harvey. Suddenly, Harvey had met the entire family.

The Lankstons picked up Harvey the following morning and started their protracted journey home. Ollinger claimed it was difficult to watch Harvey leave in his car.

Harvey is currently getting to know the other family members, including Gary, a snail that will be released when spring arrives in Washington and the four cats Angel, Nimitz, Mak, and Momo.


Ollinger stated that she hoped Harvey’s story would inspire people to look past a dog’s flaws.
Even though it’s simple to fall in love with the cutest puppy or kitten, remember that they all need homes.

In a HOME that will be FOREVER forever loved and cherished!

a photograph of a husky and a young child.
May God richly reward this family for their vision. I hope you all live a long and happy life together.

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