How do the gears in this picture, which are already 11 years old, look now?

There are most likely no such people who would not view these images. The images of the McGee family literally “tear” the Internet 11 years ago.

The truth is that Mia (Mia) and Rozonno McGhee (Rozonno McGhee) had six children at once and they were the subjects of a beautiful, heartwarming photo shoot that could soften the hard hearts of even the most jaded crackers.

Later, the family screened the video for their older kids. And things didn’t get any worse.

Rozonno and Mia first became aware of one another in high school, and even then they understood that they were very compatible and had a lot in common.

Both had challenging lives, it is a fact. Mother Rozonno battled addiction her entire life, and when Mia was still a teenager, her parents abandoned her. They both grew up quickly as a result.

Life presented them with new challenges even after they were a couple. They tried to get pregnant for a long ten years, but sadly all of their efforts failed.

Mia finally saw her two beloved stripes after some treatment. And it was discovered during the ultrasound procedure that they would give birth to six children at once.

Rozonno ran a carpet cleaning business at the time, and Mia was forced to quit her job to care for the kids. But initially, neither parent could figure out how to pull six kids.

Of course, love was the guiding force and the cornerstone of their solid family.

Just take a look at Rozonno Jr., these adorable infants. Issac, Eli, Olivia, Madison, Yossi, and the others.

These photos helped the McGee family become well-known, so thanks for that. Pictures dispersed across the Internet.

The Oprah Winfrey Show later invited McGee, and they received a $250,000 Walmart gift card as a result.

Following this program, a lot of thoughtful people started sending them various outfits, diapers, and even car seats.

The family soon produced “6 Little McGee,” which was broadcast on Oprah Winfrey Network channels. There, the family showed how they manage with six kids, who and what responsibilities they have, and how the kids develop. They soon moved into a big, roomy house as a result of Rozonno being able to grow his business thanks to this.

The six kids all had healthy and fulfilling childhoods. Their parents had an idea to do something special for the holiday when they were all six years old.

They made the decision to recreate the famous photograph from many years ago.

You can tell by looking at this family how powerful and capable true love is!