Here is how Nastya Knyazeva, a former child model, now appears.

Young Russian model and presenter. In 2017, The Daily Mail’s British edition dubbed her the “most beautiful woman in the world.”.

She will soon turn nine. She manages her own Instagram account, which has more than a million followers, with the aid of her mother.

Nastya is not only gorgeous but also incredibly talented and at ease in front of the camera. She receives numerous requests for shoots from reputable manufacturers, and some musicians also want women to be in their music videos.

New pictures of Nastya were recently posted on her mother’s Facebook page. In these photographs, she appears entirely different, and her brushed-back, “branded” bangs are the center of attention.

Naturally, there are those who only have a basic memory of Anastasia as a young child and do not recognize her breathtaking beauty.

The majority of her supporters still praise her and wish her luck, though.