He learned the bride was his beloved when he attended a friend’s wedding.

Paul Soproni, 40, was shocked to learn that Alisha Pilava, the bride, was the woman he was romantically involved with when he attended his boyfriend’s wedding in Bargoyd, Wales.

According to the Mirror newspaper, Paul had made Alisha a number of marriage proposals over the years, but she had always turned them down.

The melody started playing as the man was caught off guard.
Before kneeling in front of Paul to extend his hand, Alisha took the microphone and sang the Motown song “It Should’ve Been Me.”.

While the visitors were aware of what was going on, they opted to cooperate with the bride and keep the surprise a secret. Paul was perplexed, declined the marriage proposal, and decided to leave this party right away rather than upsetting anyone to avoid causing a scene.

He quickly went back though, gave her a hug, and said “yes” to her marriage proposal. According to Alisha, he proposed to her about 30 times per day over the course of more than two years.

She finds the frequent marriage proposals annoying because she is a human resources management student and runs two tire repair shops.

Additionally, I had already been married twice and did not want to go through it again.
Paul is currently employed by one of the tire production facilities managed by Alisha, where the couple first met at a party a few years ago.

The young woman claimed that planning everything in secret was difficult and that her boyfriend frequently wondered what she was keeping from him.
Alisha, however, defended her need for privacy.

The young lady used the fact that Paul was also arriving home from work very late to begin planning the wedding ceremony.

When she asked me to marry her that day, I initially thought it was a joke.
I still don’t think we’re married, even now.

Alisha prepared everything by herself, which is amazing considering that I was alert for nothing.