Having eyes that are unattainable in beauty, the most beautiful cat.

This pure white cat with incredible eyes was born in March 2015 in the USA. Three months later, Kobe’s owners decided to create a separate page on Instagram where they could share pictures of this amazing cat.

Kitten owners first had to prove to almost everyone that Kobe’s eye color was natural and not photoshopped. Starting with genetics, this eye color contradicts the whiteness of the cat’s fur, so it’s no wonder many people doubted it.

Kobe is supposed to be born with silvery fur and his eyes are brown or yellow, but not blue.

Nevertheless, such metamorphosis has an explanation. Kobe’s ancestors apparently had cats with albinism genes.

This gene affected Kobe’s appearance, making him a rare and stunningly beautiful cat.

Kobe now has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. This is a staggering number for a cat site.

The profile is updated regularly with new photos from Kobe’s life. There are both cool photos with his participation and more everyday ones.