Family surprised everyone with three sets of twins born on the same day

It is not always easy to give birth to a child, many couples make more than one attempt for this, and some, alas, cannot have children at all. So it happened with the Kozinskis. Then the couple decided to adopt a child and their decision had unexpected consequences.

In 2013, an acquaintance of Kerry and Craig informed them that she was pregnant and asked if they would like to adopt her child. The couple agreed and after they found out that the girl was expecting not one, but two children at once. On February 28, 2014, Kozinski’s first children, Adalyn and Kenna, were born.

A year later, the same girl wrote to the couple again asking for help. The fact is that she already had children – twins born on February 28, 2013 – however, she could no longer provide them with proper care, and therefore she suggested that Kerry and Craig adopt them – Jay-Jay and C-C, to which Kozinski gladly agreed.

In 2016, with the help of artificial insemination, Kerry herself managed to become pregnant. As often happens with this method of conception, she gave birth to twins – Clarissa and Caralline. But the most amazing thing is that they were also born on February 28!

Sounds incredible, right? “I get asked all the time, ‘You’re on purpose, aren’t you? You did a caesarean, you probably guessed it on purpose, right? “So no. The girls were born prematurely, each 725 grams. Believe me, I did not plan to give birth to them on purpose at 24 weeks,” Kerry noted.

But the adoption of children, according to her, was really part of the plans of the spouses. Moreover, they thought about it even before they knew that they could not have a child. True, they wanted to give birth to their own, and then take foster children to raise.

Now the couple most of all want to complete the paperwork process, which is still ongoing. “We simply won’t survive if we lose them. They are already our children. It seems to us that it was destined by fate so that they would come to us.”

Family has three sets of twins with the same birthday
Credit: Courtesy Kosinski Family

The couple said they want more children. Especially Craig, because: “We have 5 girls and only 1 boy.” Well, if in a couple of years other babies appear in the Kozinski family, it will be funny if there are twins born on February 28th.