Dog jumps with joy after reunited with owner she kept alive during a stroke

There’s a reason why dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” If you want to see the perfect example, look no further than the relationship between Brian Myers and his beloved dog, Sadie.

Brian rescued Sadie after she was surrendered at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey. Staff at the animal refuge had trouble finding a home for the 6-year-old German Shepherd because she was so nervous and defensive around men, but it only took Brian 30 minutes to win her heart.

“She jumped into my car and we’ve developed a strong bond. I was able to work through the issues she had and committed to giving her the home and love she deserved,” Myers said on Facebook.

Brian had no idea that Sadie would save his life just a few months later.

It was a normal night at home when Brian suddenly couldn’t feel his left side. Disoriented and confused, he fell between his bed and the wall. Brian didn’t know that he had just suffered a stroke.

“It was really frightening — I couldn’t get up and I didn’t realize at that moment that I’d had a stroke,” Brian said. “My cellphone was on the dresser about 15 feet away, but there was no way I could get to it.”

Sadie knew Brian was in distress. She licked his face and barked incessantly. Brian reached out and was able to grab her collar – but he had no clue what she would do next.

Using all of her strength, Sadie dragged Brian away from the bed and within reach of his phone. “She was not trained as a service dog, but she was in distress over what was happening and she could tell that I was in trouble,” he said. “I don’t know how she did it, but she knew.”

Brian was able to call 911 and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors told him Sadie likely saved his life.

Sadie stayed with family while Brian recovered in the hospital. When they were finally reunited, Sadie literally leapt into Brian’s arms as tears rolled down his face.

“It was the best decision I’d ever made to adopt her,” said Myers. “I really feel it was meant to be.”

Watch their tearful reunion in the news video below!