At ten in the morning, I arrived to see my daughter-in-law. m. The kids are playing by themselves, my son is at work, and she is sleeping

At 10:30 a.m., I went to see my son-in-law.
Her son is at work, and the kids are playing by themselves while she is sleeping.

My son and his wife do not share an apartment with me.
My wife is on maternity leave, my sons are 3 and 5 years old, and my son works.
Therefore, the son’s wife frequently complains that she doesn’t have time for herself.
Even if they don’t always have time to make meals, kids don’t give up.
gardening exercises.
There are many jobs because they reside in private homes.

In order to give his daughter-in-law a break, my son works a full-time job, holds down a number of odd jobs, is a capable cook who often prepares lunch and dinner. He is the sole caretaker of the garden.

I frequently sit with boys if they ask me to. I’m not going to meddle in their private matters.

And I recently visited the location where they operate.
I chose to see him after completing my homework early.
Before the holidays, I felt like I had a lot to accomplish, so I sat down with my grandchildren and gave my daughter-in-law some space to complete her work.
Because you decided to assist, you are a good person.

“I still regret going to them, but it may have worked.

Why is that?

In the past, I typically visited their home after dinner rather than before lunch.
And every time she ran out of time, my daughter-in-law started whining.
This time, when I got there at 9:30, she was still asleep.
Imagine the kids running around in shorts while my son works nonstop and lunch hasn’t even been served. she naps after playing alone.

Exactly how do you know she was asleep?

She unwrapped from her blanket and opened the door.
She answered my silent query by stating that she was undressed and sleeping.

thus, how are you?

The kids were starving, she was sleeping, and the kitchen appeared to be in a terrible state of disarray—there were dirty dishes all over the place and rats hanging from the fridge.
She also laments the lack of time she has to do anything.
What would happen if you slept until almost eleven in the morning?

I was the one who woke her up when I got there.
She might have slept until noon if I hadn’t shown up.
She then expresses how worn out she is to my son.

I visited my grandchildren, then went back home.
You don’t want to sow discord in his family, so I’m not sure if I should tell my son at this point.
However, the circumstance is as follows.
My son and I are the victims of her blatantly lying, exploiting behavior. What to do is a mystery to me.