After saluting military men at the airport, a 6-year-old boy gains internet fame

We learn to honor and respect our military personnel at a young age, and for good reason. After all, it is due to the serving men and women who make such great sacrifices for the maintenance of our freedom. I’m well aware of this as an adult, and whenever the opportunity presents itself, I stand with our troops.
Having said that, I did occasionally fail to understand the concept when I was younger. Yes, I was aware of the heroic efforts made by the military to keep us safe, but I was not yet aware of the true significance of gratitude.
Jace Vega, 6, most definitely does. The first-grader was photographed at San Antonio International Airport saluting military personnel, and a photo of him has since gone viral.
On Sunday, Fox San Antonio raised awareness about Jace via its Facebook page. Jace’s photo has nearly 3,000 likes and 1,900 shares as of the time of writing.
Jace simply replied, “Because they fight for our country,” when asked why he had saluted.

Ace and his family were waiting for his father at the airport as he arrived from a trip to Colorado Springs. The first-grader noticed the military personnel at that point and made the independent decision to salute them.

Joe Vega inquired of his son, “Why don’t you tell them [the station] what you told me that maybe you want to be a soldier someday, right?

Joe expressed his pride in his young son and mentioned that the salute might have opened doors for him in the future.

“A few businesses have contacted us, and some other people have just contacted my wife,” he said. They intend to display his photo in a Florida airport. A few veteran local businesses that produce shirts and are locally owned and run will work with him to produce a few shirts. ”.

Jace, you are to be commended for your patriotic spirit and support of those who merit it.

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