ABC Rejects Whoopi Goldberg’s Contract Extension: “It’s time to move on”

You didn’t fire her. you didn’t cancel them. They didn’t even cancel the show. Instead, ABC declined a new contract with Whoopi Goldberg to address Whoopi Goldberg’s problems. The move would give Goldberg a head start on a popular show and cost him more than $36 million a year in salary and advertising revenue. “It’s time to move on. She’s been doing well, but now she’s always very angry,” said show director Joe Barron, adding that the channel had a hateful and divisive tone. He said he was constantly inundated with complaints from people who thought he was inviting It feels un-American. “Most of them can’t explain why, but they have the right not to,” he commented.

Goldberg manager Art Taborz said negotiations were not over yet and he expects ABC to offer clients new contracts by 2029. “She’s the show. Who’s she going to come out on top in the end, Joy Behar?”

Mr. Baron said Mr. Behar is not the only option as the show could get two new hosts if it were to release all its funding. “For half that price, I think I could get both Alyssa Milano and Kathy Griffin,” he laughed. Alyssa Milano ignored our request for comment. once again.

I hope this new trend away from liberalism continues and America returns to its glory days.