A waitress receives a note from a widow who dines alone and she is in tears

A waitress receives a text message from the widow after chatting with her on duty. It must have impressed the two women with such a gentle exchange!

Megan King is a waitress who recently saw an elderly woman dining alone at the restaurant where she works. She seemed to be sitting still and thinking about something while she was eating.

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That’s when Megan decided to take a break from her busy day at work and join the women at the table. The two chatted for a while before Meghan returned to her duties. > >
“She came over to me around mid-5 p.m. ‘We were working one shift and it was a Sunday, so it was always very busy,'” Megan explained. “Midway through the meal it started to slow down, so we chatted for a few minutes. Small talk, not too deep. She said she’s about to turn 70, so she stopped by her all-time favorite restaurant. I said I just wanted something to eat.»

Waitress cries after receiving a letter from his widow
Megan had no idea how meaningful this older woman interaction was. Before leaving, the older woman decided to leave Meghan a message explaining how her kindness felt.

“Thank you for your kind service. It was the first time I ate at a restaurant alone since her husband passed away. I wanted to make it through,” she wrote in the note.

> >
As soon as Megan saw her handwritten note, she held back her tears and went to the bathroom to heal her overflowing emotions. She took a picture of that sweet banknote. She also took a photo of herself laughing while she was crying and posted both photos of her online.

“This is my true smile. So happy and this news didn’t break my heart at all,” she wrote in the caption.

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Her three brothers come home from school every day to receive the sweetest greetings from their little sister.

This story is a reminder that simple acts of kindness mean a lot to people. You never know what people are going through. A smile or a pleasant chat can enrich someone’s day. Let’s all try to go out into the world and share God’s love with others every day.