A man who was bullied as a child for his “looks” made two suicide attempts; today, he is a prosperous pediatrician.

A successful pediatrician recently posted on Facebook that there is a good reason why people should watch the upcoming film “Wonder.”. This doctor is completely aware of the challenges and adversities the main character experienced as a child.

The pediatrician from Indianapolis, Indiana, Michael Goodman, 37, practices medicine. On Nov. 8, he posted on Facebook about Treacher Collins syndrome before the movie “Wonder” came out.

August “Auggie” Pullman, a fifth-grader who was home-schooled previously and was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a facial deformity, is the subject of the film, which chronicles his struggles as he transitioned to a private middle school after being home-schooled. The movie is based on the same-named novel from 2012.

According to Goodman, he also has Treacher Collins syndrome, just like Auggie did in the Wonder movie. The external ears, middle ear bones, cheek bones, and lower jaw are all impacted by the mutation that causes the syndrome, according to him.

The syndrome, which affects one in 50,000 individuals, is brought on by gene mutations, according to Genetics Home Reference.

Like most people, Goodman stated his love of “ice hockey, ice cream, and quite possibly Maggie on The Walking Dead,” but he also shared Auggie’s struggles with being bullied as a child, which led to him making two suicide attempts.

In addition to making two suicide attempts in his senior year of high school, he said, “I have gone through 75% of the social struggles Auggie went through.”.

A family once refused to let him treat their child after he graduated from pediatric residency. Goodman stated that the cause was “because of my speech and appearance. ”.

Words can and do hurt, Goodman said after receiving hurtful remarks. ”.

“People with facial deformities want to be treated like any other normally developed person: respected, even loved,” he continued.

He referred to his experience as a “Wonder Story” and urged people to “read the book and educate yourselves, your children, and ChooseKind.”. And watch the motion picture as well as the book by R.
The experience of being a young person with a facial difference has been incredibly well captured by Palacio. ”.

More than 1,500 comments were left after Goodman’s post was later shared on Love What Matters.

“Dr. Goodman treated my daughter,” one mother who had her daughter see him, wrote. Goodman treated my daughter a few weeks ago while she was in the hospital. This image shows them sitting on the ground together because she was uncomfortable and shy about being in the hospital. He’s a fantastic doctor, by the way.

Added a different parent: “Dr. Goodman!!! Every time we are inpatient at the children’s hospital and see you come through the door we breathe a sigh of relief knowing you will be in charge of our son’s care. You always take time to listen to us as parents and use that information and your knowledge to think of things my weary momma brain might have missed. ”.

Dr. People should be judged “by the content of their character,” Martin Luther King once proclaimed. His words do indeed ring with so much truth!