A field of wreckage has been found in the search area for the missing submarine “Titan”

A field of debris has been found in the search area for the missing Titan submarine in the North Atlantic Ocean, the US Coast Guard said:

According to the BBC, they were discovered by a search submarine at the wreck of the Titanic. It is unknown whether the wreckage belongs to the Titan.

Experts evaluate the information received and promise to provide details later.

Earlier, rescuers reported that the search for the missing submarine had entered a crucial stage, since the oxygen supply on board should be already at the time of completion.

Experts noted that it is impossible to determine the exact time when the oxygen on the submarine will completely run out, and it may last longer than expected than expected.

On Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard expanded the rescue operation to include 10 more ships and several submarines. The Canadian rescue services are also taking part in the search.