A 36-year-old woman gave birth to 11 children over the course of 13 years, and the family intends to have more children in the future.

Chris Rogers, a pastor, and Courtney Rogers, 36, have been wed for 13 years. 11 kids total—six boys and five girls—were born to the couple during this time. The youngest is only half a year old right now. Recently, a mother who has a large family admitted that she would like at least two more children.

Despite the woman’s efforts to save money—she shops at sales, they avoid eating out—the couple calculated that they spend about $1,300 per month. They also discovered that cooking at home is still less expensive.

All of the kids attend homeschooling.
In order to avoid having their children sit at their desks for extended periods of time, parents were able to modify the lessons.

A 15-seater van is used by the family for transportation.

Since she won’t be able to spend enough time with each child, Courtney’s mother constantly criticizes her for having so many children, as Courtney has admitted. However, the mother claims that she stays with the kids all day long because they don’t go to school or kindergarten and are therefore always together.

By the way, the couple has no intention of stopping, and the family has even more plans.