93-Year-Old Australian Billionaire With a Fortune Of $19 Billion Got Married For The Fifth Time: Rare Wedding Photos Of The Couple!

Imagine this: A youthful 93-year-old groom sporting a suit and trainers, and a blushing 67-year-old bride dressed in white. The internet has been captivated by this odd couple, and their unconventional yet compelling love tale.

Introducing the groom: a stunning $19 billion fortune awaits this 93-year-old Australian billionaire. Who is the fortunate woman? None other than Elena, a Russian lady who possesses a strong sense of personality. Fun fact: The well-known Abramovich’s mother-in-law was Elena at one point. How wonderful to keep it in the family!

Thousands of people have already responded to the initial glimpses of this adorable couple’s wedding on social media, demonstrating how captivating their wedding is. Some internet users couldn’t help but show their amazement and admiration, while others seized the opportunity to make some clever remarks, such as “Phew, we made it! “The most important thing is that they are happy together,” and “And I was worried the groom wouldn’t live to see it.” One person said, “Wonderful,” while another said, “Why would he do that?

He could have paid for a caregiver with his money.” However, the remarks didn’t end there. The European passion for life amazed some, who said, “I like the European attitude.” They desire to live forever, irrespective of their circumstances or state of health.

Other people chimed in with remarks like “He’s got a taste for life,” and “Money works wonders.” Many people in their 30s are not granted this opportunity. A person posted, “May he live happily ever after,” hoping for the couples’ fairy tale future. Another added, somewhat sarcastically, “She shortened his life, and he prolonged his.”

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