Thomas Dumbo makes beautiful wooden sculptures that he hides in the woods. But why does he need it?  

The Belgian forest is now home to magical creatures.

Thomas Dumbo, a talented young man, made the decision to create wooden fairy-tale creatures in the forest.

The project he produced was titled “Seven trolls and a magic tower.”.

The young man’s love of local myths and legends dates back to his early years. He borrowed details from local folklore for his project to create trolls living in fairy forests.

The construction of their fairy tale in the forest took him and his friends several months.

Thomas believes that people today are less connected to nature. Technology and gadget reliance is too high among people.

But preserving harmony with nature is crucial. He hopes to demonstrate through his project just how amazing the world is outside of our cramped apartments and busy cities.

How much inspiration we can find in the mountains and forests that isn’t available on the internet or television, and how much beauty we can see there.

The young man has unspecified future plans for several additional projects, whose subjects will remain a secret.

True magic has been conjured by Thomas.

The young men resemble mythical giant trolls. They are posed differently and are in various locations throughout the forest.

The first one leans back on a huge chair and dangles his leg, while the second one lies on the ground and scans the sky.

Thomas used dried-out forest branches as well as unused old shelves, boards, and other materials.

The trolls can grow up to a height of 18 meters. He constructed the sculptures’ bodies out of boards, and for the head’s hair, he used dried branches.

The project gained notoriety in the community. Many people come to take a stroll through the forest and admire the magnificent trolls.

Thomas is hoping that he was able to divert attention away from the virtual world. Children especially enjoy circling forest men.

The woods appeared to come to life and transform into a fantastical landscape.