Mоm оf Rаrе Twins with Dоwn Sуndrоmе Shоws Hоw Bеаutiful Thеу аrе in Spitе оf Critics

For any woman, becoming a mother is an extraordinary experience. A first-time mother didn’t realize that her twin girls were exceedingly rare, despite the fact that all mothers value their children.

Picking kindness and love in a world where we can be anything is never a bad idea. Sad to say, a lot of people are still subjected to disparate treatment and belittled for their personal decisions.

However, instead of becoming a callous, these beautiful souls inspire positivity and happiness throughout the world.
There is strength in generosity, and the story we were sharing today sheds light on the importance of being kind, understanding, and accepting.


Savannah Cobbs was utterly thrilled to learn she was expecting twins.
When the doctors informed her that she was expecting identical twins, her happiness became unstable. But there was still more interesting information.

There was a hint that at least one of the twins may have had Down syndrome, but Combs chose not to confirm it with a diagnostic test. She declined invasive tests to find out if the babies had any underlying health issues because doing so could result in a miscarriage.


Combs was prepared to love her children exactly as they were and didn’t want to lose any of them.
The delighted first-time mother exclaimed, “Each [pregnancy] appointment they were alive was a blessing to me.”.


At the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, on May 12, 2021—two months before their due date—Combs gave birth to identical twin girls, named Ennadi Rue and McEnli Acerman. Her bundles of joy were perfect, but they were also incredibly rare.

Since Ennadi and McEnli were Mono/Di twins, they each had their own space but shared a common area.
But that wasn’t the only thing that was unique about them.

Rare and lovely.

The small angels were identified as having the Mosaic Down syndrome, which occurs once every two million people.
The girls spent approximately two months in the hospital due to their premature birth.

Combs revealed that initially, her husband, Justin Acerman, had been very emotional about the twins’ diagnosis.
The mother knew, at the age of 23, that many people would judge her and her daughters, but to her, they were considerate.

The Middlburg mother explained that her twin daughters were simply like other children. They cried, laughed, had different personalities, and experienced mood swings. She described Ennadi as “a range of sunshine. McEnli was a “total diva” who differed from her twin sister. ”.


They are going to get there because they have feelings, beating hearts, know how to act in certain situations like you do.
In an interview with News4Jax, Combs stated, “Like I say, it might be a step behind, but they’re going to do it.

Despite being aware that her joyous bundles might receive unfavorable memories, Combs decided to document their journey on her TiVo account.
The pricey little gems have gained popularity online, with many of their videos garnering millions of views on YouTube.

An example for others.

Despite the criticism, Cobbs is a brave and kind mother who chooses to love her twin girls.
She devotes her time and effort to spreading awareness about Down syndrome and treating everyone with love and respect at the same time.

When he had to defend his child with Down syndrome from hurtful comments from strangers, a Canadian father found himself in a similar predicament. He desired for the world to be aware that Down Syndrome was the best thing to ever happen to him.